Many businesses want to attract more traffic to their websites to boost sales. There are many different ways to get potential customers to visit a website. One method is the pay-per-click marketing tactic, which allows companies to pay to have their website listed at or near the top of a page of search results for certain keywords. Businesses have varying levels of success with this tactic, but it can be effective if a company takes the time to work on the landing pages, keywords and ad copy.

Use Creative Ad Copy

Just using PPC methods to place a company’s link at the top of a search page is not enough to guarantee people will pay attention to it. If the ad copy is bland and unexciting, it is unlikely to attract potential customers. Each demographic responds to advertisements differently, so make sure that the ad copy is carefully crafted to appeal to the proper group.

Develop Quality Landing Pages

Once internet users click on the link from the search page, they encounter the landing page. Businesses should make sure that their landing page or pages are not broken and are compatible with different devices. If people are trying to access a page using their smartphone and cannot fully utilize all of the features, they may become frustrated and leave the site. The landing page should be interesting, easy to navigate and relevant to customers.

Create Effective Keywords

If the ad copy has been perfected and the landing page is beautifully crafted but website traffic has still not increased, then it may be time to evaluate the keywords. Keywords cost different amounts of money, so it may be tempting to spend less money on a word or phrase and hope it gets good results. However, it is a good idea to figure out which keywords are most relevant to potential customers and try to bid on those. It may cost a bit more per click, but if more people visit the website and make purchases, than the return on investment will likely be worth it.

Different companies will see different levels of success with PPC marketing tactics. It is a good idea to use other marketing techniques to round out a campaign and appeal to customers along multiple avenues. Using only one or two tactics to reach customers can have less desirable results, especially as demographics shift and marketing tactics evolve. Consult a professional to develop a good marketing strategy and ask how to maximize the return on investment.