Small Business Purchase Order Financing Solutions

Like many other businesses, your enterprise depends on finished goods or presold merchandise. Ensuring that your suppliers are paid is critical: You must have those goods to deliver the service and value you’ve promised to your customers. Infinito Services’s purchase order financing provides the funds you need to get your goods shipped, so your business can grow and succeed.

P.O. Financing Basics

Our P.O. financing involves a fast and simple process. We pay suppliers on your behalf, which allows your goods to ship to your customers. With that convenience, you don’t need to get the money and then pay the suppliers yourself. We then collect payment from your customers, deduct our fees and send you the net balance. Apply now and enjoy these great benefits:

  • Rapid and flexible funding
  • On-time deliveries to your customers
  • Fulfilling larger customer orders
  • Growing your market share

This funding method involves no long-term debt or equity impacts, so it’s especially helpful for startups or businesses lacking access to capital. We provide financing to producers, wholesalers, resellers and distributors.

Get the Money You Need Today

Whether you deal in domestic production, imports and exports, our purchase order financing can help you accomplish your goals. Our certified financial experts can answer your questions and help you apply for financing. Contact us today to get started.