Most football fans love the Super Bowl and enjoy having parties to watch the game with their family and friends. Because the event has a reputation for airing special commercials that range from heartwarming to outrageous, it brings in large numbers of viewers who do not want to be left out of the cultural phenomenon. Even people who do not watch football on a regular basis are tempted to tune in to watch the halftime show and the commercials.

Digital Integration

Ever since social media platforms exploded onto the scene, people have been using them to express their opinions and share links and memes with others. Companies that have social media accounts can get into the action as well and use their posts to generate hype for their upcoming commercial and monitor people’s reactions to it in real time. They can run contests or events that coincide with the Super Bowl in order to keep people interested in the company for longer periods of time.

Changing Commercial Styles

Advertising tactics have changed the way some companies create the actual commercials themselves. Since so many people watch the Super Bowl to see the commercials, companies feel pressured to create advertisements that are attention-grabbing. An advertisement that has the potential to go viral online or be the subject of memes can increase the longevity of the advertisement and help to defray some of the expenses associated with creating the commercial and paying for the spot.

Extended Run Times

Securing a spot in the roster of Super Bowl commercials can cost millions of dollars per advertisement. Some companies try to get as much return on investment as possible by debuting the commercial during the Super Bowl itself and then continuing to run it for months afterward on different television channels. Some businesses even choose to reveal the commercial early to people on social media platforms and then continue to use it afterward in both traditional and digital advertising methods. This can encourage customers and potential customers to interact with the company through their social media pages before, during and after the event and share it with others online.

As people and businesses continue to have more direct interactions online, marketing techniques will continue to evolve. Traditional marketing tactics such as advertising during the Super Bowl will be supplemented by other digital and traditional methods in order to keep consumer’s attention and attempt to maximize profits.