Understanding Facebook advertising basics can help you create effective marketing campaigns. Here’s what you need to know to get your advertising up and running.

Create a Business Page.

To advertise on this platform, you will first require a business page. Creating a page is fast and straightforward. Enter your business information. Use the name someone is most likely to search for when trying to locate your company. Choose your category. Then, add your profile and cover images.

Define Your Goals.

Pinpoint the intention of each of your advertisements. For example, do you want to increase traffic to your website? Are you hoping to generate new leads or boost attendance at an event? Knowing and clearly defining your campaign’s goal ahead of time will save money and increase your ad’s effectiveness.

Set Up Ads Manager.

All of your ad campaigns run through the Ads Manager tool. Once you have it set up, it becomes the control center for your ads. You will use this program to choose your objective, based on your previously determined goals.

Choose Your Target Audience.

Targeting is a critical element of Facebook advertising and can make or break your ad’s performance. The easiest way to get your ads in front of a new audience is to utilize the demographics and interest options. You will want to use custom audiences for retargeting campaigns. Retargeting is when you place your ads in front of people who have previously interacted with your online brand.

Craft Ads That Will Lead to Conversions.

Select the format that best fits your advertisement’s objectives. The way your ads look varies depending on your desired results. Write an easy-to-read, helpful headline, keeping it conversational. Be clear about the one action you want the prospect to take after viewing your ad. Keep in mind, video advertisements generally outperform image ads.

Use Automatic Placement.

Placement is where your ad is displayed. Most of the time, choosing Automatic Placements is the best option, as Ads Manager will optimize where your ad appears online based on your desired objective.

Monitor and Make Adjustments.

Create multiple ads for your campaigns. This way, you can test imagery, content and format to determine what has the most impact. Use the analytics feature to help you understand which advertisements are the most beneficial to your objectives.

Take the time to define your Facebook campaign strategy and where your ads will be most effective. Ads on this platform can reach a lot of people and help your business grow.