To boost sales, companies should consider creating a website with an intuitive, sleek design. People often expect to find well-researched information on the products they want to buy. They also want to know how your product can make life easier. Websites with an innovative design and improved functionality can enhance the user’s experience, which attracts more traffic and converts more visitors into customers in the long-term. There are four web design tips proven to boost your company’s online presence.

Simplify Navigation

Improved navigation provides a map for customers to search for relevant keywords. A clear menu placed as a sidebar is usually recommended to make it appear more transparent for users. Your website should include a navigation hierarchy that connects one page to another, based on categories that describe the content on each page. An effective web design technique is to constrain the menu’s size so you don’t overload users with excessive information that isn’t relevant to them. You may also want to consider adding shortcuts to pages that explain what popular products or services your company offers.

Create Your Homepage

There is a startlingly high chance new users will leave your website if they aren’t immediately attracted to what you’re providing. The homepage provides room for a compelling introduction, where you can establish your brand’s identity with a memorable logo and symbolic imagery. Adding customer testimonials can help new visitors get an idea of what to expect. An overview of the company’s inventory and list of resources that explain the company’s industry in an academic or professional context are other competent features that may prove valuable to potential customers.

Integrate Social Media

Most customers are plugged into social media, so your company should be too. Several businesses, including smaller startups, have focused on increasing their online presence on social messaging websites where customers can directly interact with them and ask important questions or raise other concerns. By providing them a space where they can share their thoughts, you’re in the position to empower your customers to represent your company. Integrating social media also allows users to share the pages they’ve read on your site, which can increase traffic to your website.

Use Several Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. People tend to pay more attention to compelling visuals, such as videos, photos and GIF files. Overwhelming your users with walls of text will drive them away from your site, so you want to incorporate exciting yet relevant imagery that relates to your company’s industry in some way.

Improving your company’s web design will improve your company’s future prospects. It’s important to consider the difference between a poorly designed website and one that proves your competence and ability to communicate with customers effectively.