Investing in real estate is exciting and can ultimately be a profitable endeavor. But it also can be hard to get started, particularly if you have little capital, or minimal experience as an investor. Navigating the real estate world takes personal and financial savvy, and while it can be learned over time, the learning curve may be steep. For these and other reasons, it may be worth working with a real estate partner, who can help offset risk and co-strategize with you to make the best investments possible. Below are three benefits to working with a partner.

1. Lighten the Cost Burden

Real estate quickly gets expensive. Aside from funds needed to make an initial purchase, many real estate deals will require some level of investment in a purchased property. Perhaps you’re trying to flip a house, or maybe you’re looking to develop raw land. Costs add up fast, and so splitting the burden with a real estate partner is an obvious way to mitigate these expenses — and others that are certain to arise in the course of work, like loan and legal fees.

In addition to easing the expenses of real estate investing, working with a partner also helps mitigate risk; in theory, you can both put half the collateral on the line you would if investing alone, potentially making deals less cumbersome for you.

2. Employ Complementary Skills

A great way to work with a real estate partner is to find someone whose skills complement your own. If you’re a financial wizard but have little experience with construction or property management, teaming up with someone who does can be a great way to fill in some of the gaps in your own expertise. This partnership can extend throughout the business process: your partner can take the lead on the physical work post-purchase, while you handle the financial details.

3. Incorporate Additional Points of View

One of the best benefits of working with a partner in real estate investment is simply the ability to bounce ideas off one another, and receive intimate feedback on major decisions. Working alone can often be stressful; you may be forced to make an important choice in a short-time period, for instance. Working with a partner lets you collaborate on these decisions, and through thorough conversations make the best investment decisions possible.

In short, investing in real estate with a partner can be highly beneficial for reasons both interpersonal and financial. If you’re looking to get into real estate, consider finding a partner to join you.